UN Studio’s VilLA NM Burns Down

That didn’t last very long. You might recall when Stephanie was reporting on the NY Times Magazine‘s design coverage of UNStudio‘s VilLA NM back in October, the firm’s first project in the US, located in upstate New York, a building the paper’s Nicolai Ouroussoff was crazy about. Well, something happened late last week and a fire broke out, finding the entire structure burnt down, leaving very little of it left, save for an outline of steel beams. Here’s from Architectural Record:

On Tuesday night, according to Sullivan County officials, neighbors observed the glow of the blaze and reported it to the local file department. At the point of detection, says Richard Martinkovic, Sullivan County fire coordinator, VilLA NM had already neared total conflagration — and significant ice accumulation on the property’s narrow, curving driveway, prevented crews from arriving on site more quickly. The destruction of the residence, he says, “makes it that much harder to do a fire investigation. Nobody was in the structure when it started, and we have no eyewitness account of where it may have started.”