Spotted around the Internet by freelancer extraordinaire Ruth Thaler-Carter, we present the words of an anonymous wordsmith wanting to get into the biz:

A lady kept asking where she could find a proof reader (is that one word or two??) I told her a couple of times I could do it for free – I wanted the practice. She kept ignoring me. So I just quit reading her pleas. I don’t know how a person gets into the business, but I am as qualified as any person could be. I even know the proof reader’s marks. But I am a terrible speller. Thank goodness for Word.

Yep, proofreading is definitely a fantastic career for someone who can’t spell. We wish you luck.

Thaler-Carter was perhaps a bit more diplomatic than we are being. She comments: “I believe in helping newcomers to the editorial profession and provide a lot of advice through various channels, but…some people really make it hard to be helpful!”