Uh, Hey Drudge! Ian Swanson Says “Hi!”…in his article.

Is it status quo to reference Drudge in an article? Is that a tactic to get Drudge to pick you up? There is no doubt that a Drudge link can send an insane number of visitors to a news website but I find it interesting that a print journo on Cap Hill would do that – atleast in the case of The Hill’s Ian Swanson, it seems a bit staged to me. From Swanson’s article:

On Wednesday afternoon, the conservative-leaning Drudge Report website’s top headline linked to a story in the Financial Times that said Obama appeared to be leaning toward a “Swedish” model of nationalizing banks. Drudge ran the link with a photo of the Swedish flag, linking the president to one of Europe’s most left-leaning governments.

That said, I will promptly send Drudge the link to this post about someone else talking about Drudge. *fingers crossed*

What do you think?

UPDATE: It worked for Swanson – see picture.