Twittering the Times at the Circus

fishbowlG.pngA glance over to the right of this page reveals that today’s keynote Circus address that just took place with Jim Roberts of the New York Times looks to be a good one (this fishie is currently off-site). Noah will have the deets soon. In the meantime, from the twitter:

  • on question of burnout, quality of life of NYT journos filing to Web: ‘We do give them breaks.’ Not sure that answered Irin’s question. 47 minutes ago
  • NYTer on Web content’s accuracy ‘We try to balance speed with accuracy,’ admits paper is ‘highly edited’ while Web content is not. 48 minutes ago
  • WWD’s Irin Carmon asks how to ‘ward against burnout’ of reporters who must file to Web constantly under difficult circumstances? about an hour ago