Twitter Plus Foursquare Equals ‘Please Rob Me’

From the guys who brought the world ePenis (we checked, FishbowlLA is 15.3 centimeters, ahem) Barry Borsboom, Frank Groeneveld and Boy van Amstel comes the natural progression of social media – the announcement that you’re not home and all your treasures could be stolen without you there to protect them. Enter Please Rob Me.

They write:

The goal of this website is to raise some awareness on this issue and have people think about how they use services like Foursquare, Brightkite, Google Buzz etc.

There is a list of tweeples er tweeters on on the site who disclosed their locations via Twitter.

Are they vigilantes via algorithm? This is one way to illustrate the dangers of TMI (too much information). This could be a Foursquare killer. Now how are we going to know when our editors are at Starbucks?!

Via Reddit

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