Twitter Feels the Brees

We don’t usually cover sports here in the Fishbowl, but last night New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees broke the record held by Hall of Famer Dan Marino for single season passing yards. That pass, which was a touchdown, by the way, set off a flurry of well wishes from media types and politicos.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal tweeted: “Congrats to @Drewbrees! #whodat #saints #GeauxSaints #drewbrees #NFLrecord.”

Not to be outdone, the state’s two esteemed senators chimed in. David Vitter (R) tweeted “Congrats @DrewBrees. You deserve it and we love you in #WhoDatNation! #Marino” and Mary Landrieu (D) tweeted “Congrats to @drewbrees on breaking the #NFL single-season passing record tonight! Who dat!? #saints #nola.”

Politicians weren’t the only ones to offer congratulations to the new passing record holder. The Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes, EPSN’s Erin Andrews, pro-wrestler Sean Michaels, and even the man himself, Dan Marino, all congratulated Brees.

But the most unexpected tweet on the subject has to be from TV’s Ellen DeGeneres, who had hints of Tom Cruise on Oprah in her tweet, “Congratulations to @drewbrees on breaking the single season passing record. Portia & I are jumping on the couch.”

At the end of the night, just after 2 a.m. on the east coast, the new single season passing record holder himself, tweeted this thanks and respect for Marino.

Congratulations to Brees.