TV Station Holds Politician Hostage


Dealing with pompous, asinine politicians is one of the hazards of working in television news. But Sri Lankan state broadcaster Rupavahini TV lived the dream… and held the country’s Minister of Labor hostage for three hours.

Here’s what happened… Mervyn Silva, Sri Lanka’s Minister of Labor, stormed the offices of state broadcaster Rupavahini along with his entourage. Silva was upset that a speech he made on Wednesday had not been covered by the station. A scuffled ensured and one of Silva’s aides allegedly assaulted Rupavhini’s news director. Silva was then held hostage by Rupavahini’s staff for more than three hours… the problem?

Rupavahini TV would have let Silva leave the building if he apologized. He eventually apologized… after Rupavahini’s corporate HQ was surrounded by commandos and police with tear gas. But, wait. Silva gave a non-apology apology:

“If my action is considered as a wrong act, I would like to apologise to the employees,” said Silva.

Silva has had a history of violent behavior in the past.

(Image via Al-Jazeera/Reuters)