TV Executive Dishes When to Resign: ‘Am I Learning?’

successThe following interview in The Wall Street Journal really struck a chord. Courteney Monroe, chief executive of National Geographic Channels, previously worked in marketing at HBO for 13 years.

When is the right time to leave a job? If you’re not learning, if you’re not challenged, if you’re not still making a difference — all answers point to moving on. Mentioning it’s an easy to stay somewhere too long, Monroe highlighted that you have to actively manage your career to avoid settling into that rut.

Here’s an excerpt:

“You have to be asking yourself the question, ‘Am I still learning?’ ‘Am I still challenged?’ ‘Am I still making a difference?’ ‘Am I adding value that no one else there is adding?’ If the answers to those questions are, ‘No,’ you need to be honest with yourself. Answering the questions isn’t as hard as forcing yourself to ask the questions. I think you should ask yourself those questions every five years.”

Perhaps even more powerful is the fact this executive said she was “very scared to leave HBO.” After telling herself any job after her former employer was going to be less enjoyable, she decided to not only treasure that experience but embrace a new job and employer as different. Not less than HBO, mind you but simply different.

She added, “What was a false conclusion was that I wasn’t going to find a job that I loved as much or was as energized by. It’s just different, but I don’t love it any less.”