Report: Marilyn Monroe Hologram Being Readied for Year-End Concert Appearance

In this 50th anniversary year of Marilyn Monroe’s death, the Hollywood icon is apparently being engineered to appear in the same way that the late Tupac Shakur did at Coachella. Per a report in the June 8 print issue of The Hollywood Reporter from senior writer Eriq Gardner:

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that a “live” Monroe concert is being planned to take place before year’s end with the working title “Virtual Marilyn Live – A Musical Celebration of the Birth of the Pop Icon.”

The concert, which has yet to secure a venue (organizers also plan to stream it on the web), will feature the projected blond bombshell singing and interacting alongside live music stars. Becky Altringer, managing director and co-founder of Digicon Media, the company doing the planning, says the event will employ the technology used at Coachella.

We’ve definitely come a long way from having to settle for the image of Marilyn on a 1995 USPS stamp (pictured). Unlike the Shakur-Coachella situation, Digicon Media is not working with the Monroe estate. Gardner was unable to get a comment from the estate end.

Update – 06/11/12: According to a follow-up THR Esq. report, the Monroe estate may be poised to intervene with a lawsuit.

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