Tucker’s Feedback

The Huffington Post opened up the floor to readers offering their take on Tucker Carlson’s brief dancing career. We have the highlights of the good, the bad and the ugly:

  • “The liberal media can and must be stopped at all costs. How dare they take their admitted hatred of President Bush and the Freedom for which he stands and apply it to Tucker Carlson. His complete inability to dance should have nothing to do with his being voted off. He should have not only won that show but have been voted as the Supreme Ultimate Decider of the Dancing with the Stars empire just because of his moral and intellectual superiority. Those who would dare mock their moral superiors will soon face the wrath of their powerful and omnipotent leaders.”

  • “White men can’t jump, or dance.”

  • “More importantly is why. They lack the jump/dance gene. Recently, doctors and researchers at the George Allen Institute have isolated the jump/dance gene. They have named it the Maccaca gene. However it is not the absence of that gene that causes Tucker’s problem. Its not Tucker can’t dance. Its Tucker can’t.

  • “I feel sorry for his poor partner. He obviously wasn’t even trying. So instead she had to have him sit there for half the number making it look like she was stripper. …”

  • “Can we vote him off his other show now too?”

  • “What kind of camera do they use for Tucker’s show on MSNBC? He looks 40-50 pounds heavier in the dance show. Eat a salad, dude!”

  • “…Er, jump…yes, that would have helped his dancing. I still don’t get the chair… Can anyone explain, except the lap dance thing, which was funny the first dozen times? He was gracious. To MSNBC regulars, though, it was like watching your kid perform in the school play–happy and excruciating at the same time. I liked how he said, ‘Heyyyy’ to the judge when criticzed. Oops, not on his show! We love you, Tucker, don’t listen to these people!”

  • “Good experience for Carlson. This is about him. Not about yeas or nays from us.”

  • “Poor Tucker is going to to start have emotional problems between having every show he appears on/hosts getting cancelled, his latest demotion by MSNBC to that hot time slot at 4:00 PM where he has to go against Sesame Street for that after school demographic and last night being dissed by those merciless judges on Dancing With D List Celebrities and Has Beens.”

  • “Come on folks, not everyone thinks of politics 24/7. This was for fun and if you watched you could not help but to see that he was having fun. (sure made me laugh)quit dumping on a guy for trying to dance. remember your school prom?”

  • “I think Tucker’s new nickname should be ‘Mr Bojangles.’ Whatdya think?”