Tucker Claims His Employees Don’t Worship Him

Sure, no want wants their employees obviously sucking up to them. But not many bosses go on video saying that their employees largely have problems with authority.

“Certainly makes for a more entertaining meeting every morning,” says Daily Caller Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson of his non-traditional newsroom. “I’m completely caught up in the tunnel of editorial supervision. ..It’s not a cult of personality. I kind of wish it were.”

No, they don’t throw tomatoes at him or anything. But in a three-part series for Mediabistro’s Media Beat, Tucker talks on subjects that include his hands-on approach to his newsroom, who really does the hard work, his feelings about ex-MSNBCer Keith Olbermann and more.

Part I ran Monday. Part II runs today. In that interview, Tucker compares TV to Charlie Sheen‘s favorite drug. “Television is crack, it’s immediate,” he says. “You can completely fail, and blow up and destroy your life instantly so the threat of that keeps it interesting.”

Expect Part III tomorrow.