Trump Isn’t Going to Buy The New York Times, But It’s Still Fun to Talk About [Update]

Donald Trump is maybe considering buying The New York Times. That’s according to Daily Intelligencer, which cited “sources familiar with the situation” as saying that “Trump has engaged in more than one meeting to discuss how he might buy the Grey Lady. Details of Trump’s strategy remain scant.”

Right. So here’s what we know: Nothing. In fact, those sources don’t seem familiar with the situation at all. There really isn’t much to go on here, other than yet another opportunity to make fun of Trump.

As even Daily Intelligencer notes, there is no shot that the paper is sold to him. But hey, might as well break out some Times/Trump jokes while you can.

Update (3:28 pm):
Get ready to be shocked: Trump has decided to speak up about the matter.

He gave an interview to Daily Intelligencer because why the hell not? If someone wants to give him some press, he will oblige. No one loves Trump more than Trump. He said his interest in the Times was “in the evaluation stage,” which basically means he has thought about it. Fantastic. This is all so very exciting.

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