True/Slant Creator Talks Forbes Redesign

When Forbes bought True/Slant for an undisclosed sum last month, it became clear that the higher-ups had plans to significantly alter the publication. Another hint, they also hired True/Slant creator Lewis Dvorkin as chief product officer.

Well now Dvorkin’s plans for the financial magazine and website are beginning to take shape. While talking with Daily Finance, Dvorkin hinted at some ideas that are likely to show up online and on the dead-tree pages of Forbes.
Dvorkin explained his plans for the Forbes 400 rich list, which he wants to make an ever-changing tool on the website. As stock prices move, so will the rich list. I’m sure some billionaires would enjoy watching that.

Interestingly though, Dvorkin wants to give marketers an opportunity to interact on the site. “Users want to know. They want information,” he says. “If good information is coming from content creators, great. If good information is coming from marketers, well, they want to know that, too.”
Dvorkin continues:

“The goal is to tear down the walls between content creators, audience and marketers,” said Dvorkin. “How do you get those three voices talking to each other so that everyone knows who’s talking? To me, if you can do that with transparency and legitimacy, that’s the future of the free press.”

Just another sign that a journalist’s job has less and less to do with gathering news, and more emphasis on shaping the conversation around the news.