Tribune, Gannett, Hearst, NY Times Launch New Coop


Crazy ol’ Sam Zell (aka the Ted Turner of newspapers) strikes again. Zell’s Tribune Company is launching a new online ad sales consortium named QuadrantOne with the following partners:

  • The Gannett Company
  • Hearst Corporation
  • The New York Times Company

    In other words, the old media titans are joining together to beat orgs like Doubleclick and Google at their own game. As the Tribune-owned Los Angeles Times puts it, [it’s] an effort to recapture some of the national advertising dollars that have fled the pages of newspapers for major websites.

    According to interim CEO (and senior VP of sales for Tribune Interactive) Dana Hayes:

    “Newspapers don’t do that well with national advertising – we think this is a big opportunity and certainly part of the answer.”

    The organization’s launch press release can be found here [PDF]. Lastly, there was a pretty damn informative article about this in the Wall Street Journal this morning, but it was behind a pay wall. Rupert, dude — information wants to be free. One paragraph teasers about relevant new media news stories? Not so good.