“Trendsumers”…or “Gimme Right Now! Go! Go! Go!”


One of our favorite things to wait for at the start of the month is Trend Watching’s Trend Briefing. It’s not always explicitly about design or anything, but gives a nice look at the world wherein all this stuff that’s designed or otherwise created, lives and is taken in by the public at large. This time around, their extensive piece is about something called “Transumers,” which, after we read it, we came to consider another phrase: “total jerks.” Not in the mean sense, but, rather, in the, “wow, we are all really kinda major tools, aren’t we?” even though we related in some way to pretty much everything said therein. It’s all about the building need for “now, now, now!” and infusing yourself into the world of brands. But, then again, what do you expect when you’re reading about consumerism. That’s really the point, isn’t it? And in the end, we start getting into the redemptive stuff, of bucking these trends and getting on the eco-kick. So all is forgiven. We like ourselves again.