Tremor Enjoys Strong Q2 Revenue

Up 41 percent vs. '12

This ought to shut people up.

Tremor Video had revenue growth of 41 percent in the most recent quarter year over year. It's good news for the video network, which recently announced it would be getting rid of the last few bits of auto-playing banner-video inventory and now is entirely in-stream.

CEO Bill Day said the network's engagement metrics helped drive growth in Q2. "[Your content] may be delivering hits brilliantly, but your creative isn't engaging with your target audience and that's a problem," he said. In-stream revenue accounted for $34.4 million of $35.5 million in revenue. Losses were less pronounced, as well—the net loss was $0.3 million versus last year's $4.8 million.

The company predicted it will be profitable this year, with revenue for the full year projected in the $133.7 million to $135.7 million range.