Town Hall Editor Loses It On Flight From Hell

What should have been just a flight from California to D.C. with a stop in Chicago along the way, quickly spiraled into a hellish trip Town Hall‘s Guy Benson will likely not forget soon. Much to our delight he took a page out of ABC7 anchor Stephen Tschida’s book and tweeted the whole experience.

Benson was in Los Angeles on Friday guest hosting The Hugh Hewitt Show with fellow conservative and’s Mary Katherine Ham. “Thank you, Hugh Hewitt & staff (and audience!) It’s always a pleasure to guest host with Ham,” he tweeted before heading to the airport.

Trouble began when Benson was alerted his flight would be making an unscheduled stop in Denver from John Wayne Airport to O’Hare. “Apparently a 737 can’t fly from LA to Chicago non-stop?! What?,” he tweeted.

It was apparently a fuel issue and brought out Benson’s pissy side at about 4:30 p.m: “Looks like I might be spending the night in Chicago, courtesy of @UnitedAirlines, thanks to their new ‘we’re adding surprise stops!’ promo.” He then fired off a series of tweets about other annoyances:

  • “We have the wrong aircraft.” Fabulous.
  • They are now ejecting someone from the plane for cursing at them. No, it’s not even @AlecBaldwin.
  • These flight attendants are doing the best they can, considering circumstances. Wasn’t their screw up. Off to, um, Denver! ‪#SerenityNow
  • Woman who dropped f-bombs apologized & has been allowed to stay on the flight. We’re one big happy (and now delayed!) family.

At just after 7 p.m. Benson arrived in Denver. He was again faced with the cursing traveler. “Woman who nearly got tossed off the flight for cursing now on her cell phone, lying her ass off about people ‘yelling and throwing things,'” he tweeted.

The trip continued in a sick, sad downward slide for Benson, who was clearly coming apart at the seams…

  • “LOL! A mechanical delay. A comprehensively atrocious performance by @united today. They’re my airline, but this has been comically bad.
  • LOL! The mechanical delay is (supposedly) due to ‘flight attendant call buttons malfunctioning.’ I don’t really believe that.”

At 11 p.m. Benson was ready to board his flight to Chicago but things still weren’t looking up: “Don’t even ask me if the woman sitting next to me in the boarding area is picking at her feet with her keys #TravelDayFromHell,” he wrote. And when he finally got into D.C. at 1:30 in the morning: “Did @united tell us the incorrect baggage claim carousel? Take a wild guess!”

Ham, who flew with Delta Airlines, tweaked Benson, writing, “I got home in 6 hours with not a hitch. I’m rubbing it in. Glad you made it!”

According to Benson’s Twitter timeline, United didn’t respond to any of his complaints, which he confirmed to us over email. Since the trip, he has become more forgiving of the airline. “The whole thing was wild,” he said, “but most of the actual employees I dealt with along the way were hardworking, empathetic and professional, so it’s not worth making a big fuss over.” Benson also said airing out his grief over Twitter “seemed to resonate” with his followers. “I guess people can relate to airline nightmares.  Go figure!” he said.