Tough Words From Bill Wackermann

Yesterday Bill Wackermann, Publishing Director for Condé Nast, gave a lecture to students at NYU’s Stern School of Business. He discussed his career path – one that took him from teaching high school kids to becoming the youngest publisher in Condé Nast’s history at 31 years-old – and expressed nothing but confidence in the company’s magazines.

WWD reports that Wackermann said when money comes in, it originates from the print side, explaining, “There’s big money at those big brands — these are $300 million businesses and you’re talking about selling 4,000 apps for $2?”

Never one to lack for confidence, Wackermann then said that no matter what, Condé Nast will ultimately succeed in the tablet world:

It took us a while to figure out what the business should look like on the Web, but we won’t make that mistake on the iPad. Consumers will pay for this technology. I don’t care if we only sell 5,000 apps. You’re going to pay for it.

Every single person working below Wackermann at Condé Nast is hoping that he’s right.