Topps Sues Upper Deck Over Card Design Theft

We haven’t thought about baseball cards in a long time, which, in now doing so, has reminded us that we should probably go into our parents’ attic the next time we’re back home to see if there’s anything worthwhile in that collection we had back in grade school (where we’re sure the eight thousand cards are probably worth upwards of fifteen dollars). But our own task reminders aside, we came to baseball cards after learning that Topps, one of the primary companies in the card business, has sued Upper Deck, one of the other leaders, for stealing pieces of Topps’ designs from the 1970s in their current season of cards. Topps has taken Upper Deck to court and are seeking an order that would force their competitor to immediately remove all their current cards that utilize the layouts, all of which, if they get their way, will immediately make any of those Upper Deck cards that reached the market worth eighty times as much. So maybe this is all just some elaborate money-making scheme Topps has come up with?