Top NFC Mobile Marketing Firms Form Alliance

The three firms each cover a global region

Until now, most of the buzz surrounding NFC (near field communication) technology has focused on its use in mobile wallets or payment systems. But that’s hardly the limit of NFC’s potential—and three of the world’s leaders in the field are teaming up to get the message out.

Today, three top NFC firms—Blue Bite, which covers America; Proxama in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa; and Tapit in Asia and the Pacific—announced that they are forming a global alliance to help promote the technology as a marketing tool.

Each has already had success running NFC-based brand campaigns and now hopes to increase marketers’ and consumers’ awareness of the technology, according to TechCrunch. One such promising use for NFC, according to Proxama CEO Neil Garner, is tag reading, which allows consumers to tap an NFC-enabled item—like a poster or sticker—to get more information or perform an action, like visiting a website, “liking” a brand on Facebook, following its Twitter account, or switching on Bluetooth to receive offers.

Apart from promoting the technology, the NFC World Alliance also said that it plans to provide support, analytics, and other tools to brands looking to experiment with the NFC.

At the end of each brand campaign, the members will share their experiences with one another—including what worked and what didn’t—and may eventually release that information in research reports or papers. And if there’s any leftover ad inventory, like ad panels at a bus stop, the alliance members may use that space to educate consumers about how NFC works and how it can benefit them.