Top Magazine Editors Doing More, Getting Paid More (Especially The Men)

FOLIO:s 2011 salary survey of magazine editors at all levels found that almost everyone’s doing more with less, and some are actually reaping financial benefits.

Most editors-in-chief (or at least the average editor-in-chief) got a pay raise in 2011, FOLIO says, except in the West, where the average EIC’s salary dropped by $11,000 (!) to $72,400.

The average male EIC nationwide earned $99,300, up from 2010’s $96,900; the average female EIC earned $77,600, up from 2010’s $74,200.

Editorial directors and editors in chief in New York got an average of a $10,000 raise. They were more likely to make more if they worked at a B-to-B or association magazine, if their company was bigger, if they managed more employees or worked longer hours.

That last bit is important as editors everywhere are working more, the survey said. One respondent noted that in addition to his/her regular duties, “I am now in charge of managing edit for the iPad, tracking print contributions for our dotcom and repurposing content for our dotcom as well.”

There’s much more data at the original link but should you be curious: editors (not editors in chief) earned between $66k and $79k depending on the type of magazine, and the gender gap was just as wide. Managing editors earned between $56k and $62k with an even wider gender gap (female managing editors earned an average of $52,700; males earned $68,200).