Tool of the Day: BrandMyMail

BrandMyMail is a new start-up that works on one premise: You should be able to seamlessly integrate your social media accounts into your Gmail.

The idea makes a lot of sense. Almost every email I receive includes the sender’s signature, complete with links to his or her Twitter feed, Facebook page, and website. You probably have similar experiences. BrandMyMail takes that idea to the next level by incorporating those and other social media content directly into your email.

In a simple, drag-and-drop process, the site has you create an email template where you incorporate Twitter, Facebook, blog RSS feeds, Quora, and a variety of other social networking links into your email. It works on Macs and PCs running the latest version of Chrome and Firefox as well as on iPads and Androids. Take note, however, that the free service currently only works with Gmail. writer Alex Knapp recently reviewed BrandMyMail and questions how many people would use it for their personal email accounts.

After all, you might not want people you email to see your latest updates. It does help that you can choose whether or not to have your social media updates included on an email-by-email basis, which is handy if you want your friends to see your Facebook updates, but not potential employers.

However, for small businesses, self-employed people, or customer-focused individuals like insurance agents or financial advisers, it could be a really handy tool.

Knapp has a point. Unless you are a freelancer or someone who loves promoting their personal brand, you may not want to include this in your personal emails. But it would be an amazing tool for newsrooms to use.

No matter what office I’ve worked in, the employees all use different formats for email signatures. In the same way many news organizations have started branding staffers’ Twitter handles, BrandMyEmail could be utilized to create identical templates for employee emails. This would ensure that readers were all looking at the news org’s official accounts and had a better chance of accessing the reporter’s work across all platforms available.

The one thing standing in the way of newsrooms deciding to use BrandMyMail is that it’s only for Gmail. I’m not sure how many news organizations use that as their primary email source.

What do you think about BrandMyMail? Would it go over in your newsroom?