Metropolis Magazine has a great feature on the design and building of the Google HQ. It’s a great read, even if it is a little heavy on the back-patting, and is a nice look at the place from both the employees’ perspectives and those of the designers and architects. And there’s lots of photos too, which, if you’re like us, helps “up” the merit of a story considerably. As we were browsing snapshot after snapshot, we certainly liked some of what we saw, but at other times, it kinda felt like the place was designed by either spastic seven year-olds or a bunch of miscellaneous blueprints somehow all wound up together and the contractor said to his crew, “Well, I guess if that’s what it says to build, we gotta build it that way.” We know we’ll both likely wind up naked, bound and gagged in a ditch somewhere for saying such a thing, but that’s the kind of expert, dedicated commentary we know you demand of us here at UnBeige: first we’ll compliment something and then we’ll say something mildly negative but wouldn’t hurt a fly, and we don’t give a damn who knows it! Take that, Google!

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