Tony Snow: The Drinking Game

Eh, who cares if it’s only noon. The early bird gets the tequila worm.

(Sent to us by FishbowlDC reader Paul Williams)

The official Tony Snow First Televised Press Briefing Drinking Game.

Take a sip when Snow…

    …Defers a question to a Cabinet spokesperson
    …Pleads with everyone to be patient, as he’s still getting up to speed.
    …Gets asked a question about being press secretary.
    …Declines to comment on an ongoing investigation.

Do a spit take if he comments on an ongoing investigation.

Take two sips if Snow…

    …Says something along the lines of “When I was a journalist…”
    …Refuses to answer questions about the White House’s credibility.
    …Evades a question about telephone lists.

Chug if he…

    …Mentions 9/11, if only to recreate pre-9/11 mindset
    …Calls on Les Kinsolving to get out of a tight spot.
    …Punches David Gregory in the face, then explains that he did it because, you know, on your first day in prison, you need to pick a fight.
    …Admits to bugging Murray Waas’s phone.

Throw drink at screen if…

    …Kinsolving asks what the White House is doing to prevent gator attacks in Florida