Tonight at Politics & Prose: Lorraine Adams

The PD Book Club has arrived. Lorraine Adams, author of The Room and the Chair and ex-WaPo scribe, is in the hot seat in Politics Daily’s new feature. And why shouldn’t she be? Tonight she appears at Politics & Prose for a book signing at 7 p.m. In addition, Adams has so far refused to admit (under instruction from her lawyers) that the book mimics her time at WaPo, as reported by WaPo’s The Reliable Source.

Adams still sours when asked about the similarities. When PD’s Woman Up collective gathered Adams with PD’s Bonnie Goldstein, Judy Howard Ellis and Editor-in-Chief Melinda Henneberger to discuss the book, things turned testy:

Henneberger: “Here’s what you have accomplished, Lorraine: You actually have me feeling for Sally Quinn! Not sorry, exactly, but like I wouldn’t mind baking her something and dropping it off when she’s not home –” wrote Henneberger.

Adams: “So you’re interested in the newsroom. I’m going to try hard to ‘play nice,’ a cautionary line in the novel. …It seems lately whenever I get asked about the mainstream media I get grouchy. And one thing “The Room and the Chair” is not, I hope, is a score-settler. I had a good friend who was with me at The Post read the book for signs of sour grapes or subliminal vendettas, and she judged it free and clear.”

Read the entire interview here.