Tommy Hilfiger Actually Does Care About Black People


In her ongoing role as Captain of the Moral Patrol, Oprah Winfrey had guest Tommy Hilfiger on today’s show to put to rest the urban legend that he was ordered off Winfrey’s show over a decade ago after saying something to the effect of “if I had known that black people would wear my clothes, I never would have designed them.”

Trouble was, Hilfiger was never even on “Oprah,” but the rumors were so persistent that the Anti-Defamation League even issued a statement. Hilfiger even hired FBI agents who traced it back to a college campus but still came up short. Oprah said as she’s heard it over the years, the rumor has actually gotten worse. “At first, it was black people, now it’s Hispanics, Asians and Jews,” she said. “You wouldn’t even have a company then.”

Of course, Hilfiger claims he didn’t say anything like it, and it’s ruined his life and lost him business and he’s also founded a summer camp for inner city children and is a major contributor for the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Fund. But we still don’t understand why he decided to come forward now…oh wait, yes we do: he’s holding a major fundraising event on September 18.