Mediaite‘s Tommy Christopher, Righty Radio Host Have Worst Convo Ever

In an early morning radio hit on The Dale Jackson Show Tuesday, D.C.’s greatest self-publicist and Mediaite‘s White House Correspondent Tommy Christopher did the unthinkable and called The Daily Caller “a sewer.” The hit came after Christopher, always available for an interview no matter how small the outlet, and Huntsville, Ala. conservative radio host Dale Jackson got into a Twitter tiff over a column Christopher wrote making fat jokes about Rush Limbaugh. Christopher repeatedly called Jackson “dumb,” so Jackson did what any rational thinker would and invited him onto his show.

During the segment, Jackson read Christopher’s fat jokes aloud to prove how “not funny” they were, before they had a mutual conflict resolution session on their minor Twitter feud. Then they moved on to bashing The DC. “I’m glad you and I can agree on that that website is a sewer,” Christopher said.

Then some ass-kissing. Christopher said he “did a little bit of Googling” and found that Jackson is an “influential” radio host.  We do acknowledge Christopher’s behavior as a rarity, as brown-nosing of this nature is typically reserved for a certain MSNBC host who looks like a lesbian (not Rachel Maddow).

Around this point we passed out from exhaustion, but when we came to Christopher and Jackson were arguing about who out of the two of them is funny.

The segment ended with Jackson complimenting Mediaite and Christopher saying he hoped the two of them “could be friends after this.” Jackson wasn’t interested.

In short: The worst.

Listen to the full drowsy segment here.

Noteworthy: In his lead-in Jackson says he reads Mediaite all the time and says The Daily Caller is “a website I never go to… They’re maybe two or three steps above World Net Daily.” This, even though The DC‘s TV reporter Jeff Poor has been on Jackson’s show.