Tom Wolfe to Newseum

Author Tom Wolfe, actor René Auberjonois and playwright Judith Auberjonois will hit the Newseum next Wednesday for a reception, conversation and to debut an excerpt from the new play “WOLFE! The Electric Kool-Aid Ice-Cream-Suited Right Stuff Man-in Full-On-the-Beat.”

Wolfe, author of “The Right Stuff,” “The Bonfire of the Vanities” and “The Painted Word,” spent 10 years as a newspaper reporter. In 1963, he and other “new journalism” writers used the techniques of novelists to bring a new writing style to the New York Herald Tribune. René Auberjonois is a Tony-winning actor whose career has spanned theater, film and television. He is best known for his roles in “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” and “Boston Legal.”  Judith Auberjonois has written for stage and screen. She and René have been married for 48 years.

The event will be held in the Knight Conference Center on Wednesday, October 19th at 6.30 pm.  For more information or to purchase tickets, click here.