Tom Junod’s First ESPN Piece Is Here

It's uh, something.

Today we get our first look at Tom Junod in his new role as senior writer for ESPN The Magazine with an article about … The wave. Yup, the wave.

Junod explains that he has always hated the wave—you know, that thing where fans stand and throw their arms in the air for whatever reason—until he started one.

“I have always ended the wave. I have always been the one to sit when others stood, to sneer when others smiled. But of course that meant I didn’t understand the wave at all, and never would, until I took it upon myself to go to a stadium and start one.” Fantastic.

Imagine if you pitched a story about not liking the wave but then you do. Just imagine what an editor would say to you. Of course you are not an award-winning journalist, and Junod is. He (apparently) gets to do whatever the hell he wants to do.