Tom Cruise’s Amazing Journey

Tom Cruise and his sister-turned-publicist continue their bizarre exploration of the outer envelope of celebrity image management. Defamer links to this Page Six item:

TOM Cruise took a special lady inside the walls of the Church of Scientology’s Celebrity Center last month, but it wasn’t his new girlfriend, Katie Holmes. Holly Millea, a writer for Details, went with Cruise to check out his beloved “religion.” According to Cruise’s sister/rep, Leeann Devett: “Tom invited [Millea] to take a tour, and she decided to take him up on it. It went great! She was curious and interested in the church.” As to whether Holmes has visited the Scientology facilities with Cruise, Devett said: “I don’t know if he has taken Katie there yet.”

I can’t wait to read the Details ‘Inside Scientology with Tom Cruise’ feature. Will there be a homoerotic Sea Organization fashion spread? Those fake navy uniforms are hot.