Tokyo Designer’s Week Wrap-Up Extraordinaire!


PingMag has unveiled their picks for the best of the best at last week’s Tokyo Designer’s Week. In it, you’ll find twenty pieces of art and design and everything in between, with picks winning titles like “Most Fun Fun Fun Project” (Thinktide‘s Limo Typography) and “Reviving German Porcelain Tradition” (a cool piggy bank by Martin Shatz). Meanwhile, designboom has also gotten into the action, posting, per usual, eight hundred bazillion photos and write-ups, once again proving that, if you find out designboom is going to be at an event, why even bother going, since you can just spend three whole days looking at their site and getting the same info. We’d, of course, also be remiss to mention Core77‘s excellent coverage, as well as the complete overview by DesignWS. Whew.