Today’s RSS Reader Leftovers

Here are the stories MJD couldn’t get to today:
Fortune magazine loses a top tech writer to CNBC. Jon Fortt, a senior writer at the magazine, will join the CNBC’s daily programming as well as work on the website as a tech expert. He joined Fortune in 2007, after the collapse of Business 2.0 mag, and helped form the site’s tech blog Techmate.
– Um, the coolest thing since Avatar? Tomorrow, The San Francisco Chronicle will run a 3D add. It’s unclear if you need glasses to see it or if it’s some sort of pop-up book feature, which would be extremely lame. Wonder if you can see the effect online?
– After an uprising and boycott, Scienceblogs has removed the Pepsi-cola sponsored blog causing all the debate. Following the revolt, Scienceblogs has added new rules to assure nothing as insidious as the Pepsi-blog ever happens again.
– Just when you thought she was out, she’s pulled back in. Tina Gaudoin, one of the founding editors of WSJ. magazine, has rejoined the WSJ family. After leaving the magazine last month, she’s back in the company as a contributing editor and to write a weekly column in The Wall Street Journal Europe‘s life and style section.