Today’s RSS Leftovers

Here’s what MJD passed on today:
– Remember that listserv many liberal journalists contributed to, which led to blogger Dave Weigel stepping away from The Washington Post, and a bunch of different stories hinting at political collusion by the Daily Caller? Well, it’s back with a new name and less people. The Cabalist, started by John Cohn, Michelle Goldberg and Steven Teles, includes over 170 writers. That’s not as much as Journolist’s 400-plus members, but, no doubt, still plenty to keep the Daily Caller happy if it gets its hands on the emails.
– Mississippi Public Radio has fired reporter Carl Gibson, after it has become known that he leaked an internal memo, announcing the decision to drop NPR’s Fresh Air show. While MPB put on a public face, saying Fresh Air was canceled after a long deliberation process, the internal memo hinted that it was a discrepancy over content.
Forbes‘s Tom Post is rumored to be former top editor, suddenly turned writer William Baldwin’s replacement. While it’s just whispers from unnamed sources at this point, Post has served the magazine for over ten years now and was promoted to managing editor in 2008.
– If you’ve ever sent an email to your boss, trying to hide your disgust, but then failed miserably and got called into s/he’s office – and who hasn’t – well then you should take a look at this. A new service will check the tone of your emails. If your email is a little aggressive, ToneCheck will give suggestions to take all the fun out, making it more suitable for a work exchange. ToneCheck can only be used on Outlook at this point, but the company wants to expand to other Web mail services soon.