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Washington Post: Unemployment Filings Reach 26-Year High

Washington Examiner: Students and the spirit of Christmas

N.Y. Times: Thomas L. Friedman: Time to Reboot America

L.A. Times: A noted restaurateur’s recipe for disaster

USA Today: Seattle, Minneapolis most literate of big cities

Politico: Obama’s five rules of scandal response

ABC News: Casey Anthony Can’t Attend Daughter Caylee’s Funeral

CBS News: Caroline Kennedy Education Record Disputed

Fox News: Mexican Beauty Queen Arrested in Gun-Filled Truck, Police Say

CNN: Woman buried in snow for 3 days found alive

Wall Street Journal: Big Madoff Investor Found Dead

MSNBC: Ex-child actor killed after taking son hostage

Congressional Quarterly: Biden Sets ‘No Earmarks’ Rule for Stimulus Package

NPR: David Edelstein’s Top 10 Movies of 2008

Roll Call: New Data Predict More House Seats for South and West

Bloomberg: NYU Lost $24 Million With Madoff; Sues Merkin, Funds