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Washington Post: What Joe the Plumber Can’t Fix

Washington Times: Biden routes campaign cash to family, their firms

Washington Examiner: Use RICO on ACORN

N.Y. Times: Home Prices Seem Far From Bottom

L.A. Times: Thinking conservatives: MIAs of the GOP

USA Today: Presidential poll tracker

Politico: McCain fails, Obama is not rattled

ABC News: A Moving Love Story, Drowned by Greed

CBS News: CBS Poll: Obama Has Edge In Final Debate

CNN: Europe mocks ‘half-baked Alaskan’ Palin

Wall Street Journal: Opinion: Karl Rove: Obama Hasn’t Closed the Sale

MSNBC: Britons jailed, fined for sex on Dubai beach

Congressional Quarterly: Obama’s ‘Diplomacy’ Wins a Republican Endorsement

NPR: God Wins In Nebraska Court

Roll Call: GOP Leadership for the 111th Congress Unclear

Bloomberg: Highland Shuts Funds Amid ‘Unprecedented’ Disruption

U.S. News & World Report: Poll Finds ‘Leadership Crisis’ in America Ahead of McCain-Obama Election