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Washington Post: CIA Tactics Endorsed In Secret Memos

Washington Examiner: Yeas and Nays: ‘W.’ premieres in NYC

N.Y. Times: Maureen Dowd: Those Hard-Boiled Eggheads

L.A. Times: California Realtors forecast lower home prices, rising sales in 2009

USA Today: NFL suspends Pacman indefinitely – The Huddle

Politico: McCain warned on race card

ABC News: The Oral Sex Cancer Connection

CBS News: Poll: Obama Opens 14-Point Lead On McCain

CNN: Priest: ‘Nobody can tell me to shut up’

Wall Street Journal: Opinion: Obama and Acorn

MSNBC: Your ‘pure’ bottled water has contaminants, too

Congressional Quarterly: Republicans Surrender in Battle of Ideas

NPR: ACORN Has Long Been In Republicans’ Cross Hairs

Roll Call: Cornyn Asks for ACORN Inquiry

U.S. News & World Report: Obama Supporters May Spew More Hate Than McCain Backers