Today’s Most Popular Stories 12.29.09

Each day, Ashley Estill surfs your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for December 29, 2009:

Washington Post: Obama blames ‘human and systemic failures’ in Detroit incident

Washington Times: Farms-to-forest plan worries Vilsack

Washington Examiner: Sen. Dodd, D-Conn., slashed aviation security funding for pet constituency

USA Today: Leach files for injunction to allow him to coach Texas Tech in bowl game

CQ Politics: Four More GOP House Seats Now Rated Safe

The Hill: Senate climate change fight looks as tough as healthcare reform bill

Politico: Handling problems the Obama way

ABC News: Muslim Cleric Anwar Awlaki Linked to Fort Hood, Northwest Flight 253 Terrorist Attacks

CBS News: MSNBC Criticized For Response To Terrorism Story

Fox News: Underwear Bomb Revealed as Terror Suspect Warns More Attacks Coming

MSNBC News: Key security agencies lack permanent leaders

CNN: Source: CIA failed to circulate report about bombing suspect

Wall Street Journal: The Man Who Wired Silicon Valley

NPR: Intellectually Disabled Student Wins Dorm Suit

Roll Call: Stark Faces Ethics Probe

National Journal: Hoekstra Fundraises Off Detroit Terror Incident

Bloomberg News: GMAC Said to Discuss $3 Billion or More in U.S. Aid

Gallup.Com: Prior to Bomb Scare, Worry About Terrorism at 39% in U.S.

Talking Points Memo: Senators Lieberman, McCain And Graham Ask Obama To Halt Transfer Of Yemeni Gitmo Detainees

Politics Daily: Mark Foley Accuses Max Baucus of Delivering Senate Speech Drunk

Reuters: Employers see uptick in hiring in 2010