Toby Young: Graydon Carter Comes Across Well in Film

One wonders which of the architectonically coiffed Graydon Carter’s fabled Seven Rooms that British author Toby Young occupies now that his book ”How to Lose Friends and Alienate People” is being made into an actual movie. ”Hot Fuzz” star Simon Pegg plays Toby Young in the movie, and Jeff Bridges, wearing a complicated wig, plays the Vanity Fair editor. Carter has likened Young to lingering gum underneath a shoe. That minor setback hasn’t stopped Young from fishing for an Oscar party invite. From Page Six:

I haven’t spoken to him in five years. He won’t return my calls,’ Young told Page Six. ‘But he actually comes across pretty well in the film. If he can just bring himself to watch it, I think maybe he’ll invite me to the next year’s Vanity Fair Oscar party.

You think?

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