To Tell the Tale of Branding


Two interesting bits from two separate sources looking into the process of creating a new identity that we found interesting. First came from David Dairey who shared his method of trying to come up with a new logo for a web hosting client called Circle. He shares his sketches, his mock-ups, everything. And he even shares that, after showing the client his ideas, they didn’t like them and he was headed back to the drawing board.

The second we found with this sort of peek into the inner-workings was over at Jeff Fisher‘s terrific site LogoMotives, as he talks about his own career and coming up with what would be his freelance company’s identity. He talks about moving from logo to logo over the past twenty years and his thought process on why he believed there needed to be changes. It’s a really interesting read.

Oh, and as a completely unrelated aside: for a quick, stupid laugh, make sure not to miss another post of David Dairey’s, “Is Your Logo Design Phallic?”