To Get A Job At A Literary Agency, There’s Just One Question You Must Answer

Want to get a job in publishing? Is it your dream to sort through the slush pile and discover sparkling talent among the crud?

Agent Kristin Nelson just hired an assistant for her Nelson Literary Agency, based in Denver. She wrote on her blog that she interviewed 14 out of the 50 applicants they got, which is apparently a lot of interviews (Nelson’s friend in HR was “appalled”).

Why so many? Because they wanted to know the answer to just one question, and they couldn’t get that answer on a resume: “Tell me about the last three novels you read. Why did you choose those books? Did you enjoy them? Why or why not?”

The kicker: “Surprisingly, a lot of candidates struggled to answer this question.”

If you want to work in a literary agency, but don’t read….d’oh.

photo: MonkeyMyshkin