TMZ Grows As Ad Revenues Shrink

165tmz.jpgThe New York Times reports that the ad revenue for Harvey Levin’s celebrity gossip site shrunk to about $15 million this year, down from $25 million in 2008. But the TMZ sports site you’ve been hearing so much about is still a go:

Mr. Levin is now hiring for TMZ Sports, a site that was the subject of widespread speculation last week. TMZ’s specialty is unvarnished celebrity coverage. And because Mr. Levin sees a lot of what he calls agenda reporting in sports, he also sees an opening for coverage by an outsider, free of potential conflicts of interest, like league licensing deals.

“I don’t really see a difference between a sports star and a celebrity,” said Mr. Levin, who added that the NBA star Ron Artest dropped by the TMZ newsroom in September for an on-camera visit. Warner Brothers says the site will begin early next year.