Tina Brown Discusses The Beast With David Carr

Tina Brown sat down with David Carr — who’d just returned from his Carpetbagger stint out in Hollywood and was sporting a rather sharp goatee — last night for an all things media chat hosted by the Center for Publishing at NYU-SCPS held at NYU’s prestigious (and packed) Greenberg Lounge. Over the course of 90 minutes the discussion mostly focused on Brown’s transition from print to web and the dire media circumstances we all find ourselves in these days: Brown says she can’t even fathom being in magazines at the moment, particularly with the world in such turmoil “The May issue? Who knows if we’ll even be here in May?”

She also talked a bit about the challenges of launching The Daily Beast compared to those she’s faced launching a magazine, and how important it is to pay writers (and Brown clearly loves her writers!): “You wouldn’t ask a dentist to work for free would you?”

We managed to grab a couple of clips from the talk: the first is Brown discussing why the Beast has yet to feature ads, their plans to bring ads to the site, and what those ads might look like. After the jump she talks about how the Beast came to be.