TIME’s Top 10 Bonanza

TIME is doing a pretty spectacular series of Top 10 lists for 2011 — everything from Top 10 Political Gaffes and Top 10 People Not Running for President to Top 10 Campaign-Debate Moments.

Here are our favorites. You can sift through the rest here.

Top 10 Political Gaffes: We’re going with Herman Cain. He earns slots 1, 3, and 9 for his hilarious takes on Libya, Abortion and the Constitution, which he confused for the Declaration of Independence. A very close second is Michele Bachmann‘s usage of “John Wayne” to play up her candidacy announcement in her hometown of Waterloo, Iowa. Little did she know that it was really serial rapist/murderer John Wayne Gacy who hails from there.

Top 10 People Not Running for President: There’s NJ Gov. Chris Christie, Sec. of State Hillary Clinton and Sen. John Thune, who gets the shortest, saddest profile in the bunch after taking himself out of a possible run on Feb. 22.

Campaign moments: We like #10. “Newt Gingrich Runs Against the Moderators.” TIME‘s Adam Sorensen writes, “It all started at an Aug. 11 debate, when a question from Fox’s Chris Wallace launched Gingrich into a tirade about ‘gotcha questions’ and ‘Mickey Mouse games.’ His serial know-it-all act can come across as condescension, but his media-critic schtick has proved primary gold.”