Times Punks Gothamist With Ginormous Ad

The image above is a screen-cap of today’s Gothamist Web site. A little to the left of center, floating in that sea of New York Times ads, you can see the Gothamist logo.

The Times‘ purchase of all that ad space may have less to do with cutting in on a competitor than with taking practical-joke-style revenge on upstart Gothamist editor Jake Dobkin. A month ago Dobkin spat into the wind with a lengthy Facebook screed railing against the Times‘ “slavish devotion to originality and old-fashioned reporting.”

Although its motivations aren’t totally clear, the Times seems to have hit back today, by completely immersing all of Gothamist’s content in the New York Times logo. The Times basically did to Gothamist what Budweiser does to Dale Earnhardt, Jr.’s car, only in a mean way.

Thanks to Gawker for the point.

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