Time Out Magazine Brings the GTFO to San Francisco

An acronym first added to the Urban Dictionary in 2002 adorns the debut print edition of Time Out San Francisco

Remember the 2008 song “G.T.F.O. (I’ve Got a Zombie on my Back)” by Adam Franklin? How about Cam Hunter’s unreleased 2011 rap “G.T.F.O. Down With Webster?”

To the colorful history of GTFO, we can now add the debut issue of Time Out San Francisco, hitting Bay Area streets July 26 with an initial distribution of 75,000. The carved, tree-trunk insignia version is the publication’s cute way of emphasizing the wide variety of outdoor options available to visitors and local residents. From the announcement:

“We are very excited to launch our first Time Out San Francisco magazine,” says Time Out San Francisco editor Sarah Medina. “There is so much going on here so it really was about time to ramp up our presence in this great city. We have a lean on-the-ground team with real local knowledge to curate our unique, inspirational content and write about the best experiences in the city so that people can have more fun.”

This is the seventh free U.S. print edition for Time Out Digital, to go along with Austin, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago and two editions in New York.

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