Time Inc. and Meredith Staffers Probably Aren’t Going to Get Along

As the merger between Time Inc.’s magazines (save People TimeSI and Fortune) and Meredith’s titles continues to be fleshed out, one thing is becoming certain: For staffers, it’s going to be sort of awkward. There’s already been talk of Time Inc. employees annoyed at the idea of joining Meredith, and according to The New York Times, that animosity is going strong.

One anonymous Time Inc. executive said that the merger was demeaning to the Great Time Inc. Workforce; that it was “Like the Yankees’ farm team taking over the Yankees.” Others have “made cracks about Des Moines” and pretty much everyone said Meredith is cheap without actually saying it.

Then there’s the difference in office cultures. Time Inc. staffers are used to working late, while Meredith likes to schedule early morning meetings. And what of lunching habits?

A recent lunch at one of Meredith’s magazines featured kale salad and rosemary-infused cucumber lemonade. Time Inc. executives tend toward lunches at Michael’s, where the dry-aged steak is a highlight, and after-work cocktails at the Lamb’s Club.

Hmmm… Actually, Meredith’s lunch sounds like what old, rich white women eat, and Time Inc.’s sounds like what old, rich, white men eat. Maybe this media marriage will go smoothly after all.


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