Tierney To Return To PR

Brian Tierney spent four years in charge of the Philadelphia Newspaper Group, which owned The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Philadelphia Daily News, until the company declared bankruptcy and it was bought by investors.

Now he’s starting a PR company, the NY Times reports.

He’s bringing over three execs who worked with him in Philly: Ryan Davis, Ed Mahlman and Matt Broscious.

“I love working with Brian; look at his track record,” Davis told the Times, who was on the same phone interview as Tierney. “He’s a winner.”

“When it was suggested,” the NYT drily added, “that bankruptcy was not typically part of a winning record, Mr. Tierney replied that ‘it was a bad time’ for media companies.”

Tierney also told the NYT this: “I spent time this summer deciding what I wanted to do next,” and he decided to “go back into marketing because it’s something I really love.”

Why does this story seem so reminiscent of this one?