Three Wolves Shirt Hits The Big Time

In the last few weeks, sales of the 3 wolf moon t-shirt have risen by 2,300%. It has become the number one selling item in the apparel store. The shirt has been written about by LA Times, BBC News, and the Washington Post. Discussion groups have formed. The wholesale company that manufactures the shirt has sold out, and is having to make more. Our roommate expects us to buy him one for his birthday. And since we wrote about the shirt on Wednesday, an additional 264 reviews have been posted on Amazon.

Most of these new reviews are just a tired rehashing of themes from the older reviews- attracts chicks, imbues the wearer with mystical powers, frightens Chuck Norris- but there are a few gems to be found among the dreck:

“If Captain Kirk and Indiana Jones both made love with Jessica Alba at the same time, and she had a shirt baby, it would be this shirt.”

“I purchased this shirt because it reminded me of my family. However, I discovered upon my first donning of said garment that a wolf wearing a shirt with wolves on it was just way too postmodern. My packmates just didn’t “get it”. I tried to explain the writings of the post-structuralist philosopher Jacques Derrida to justify my purchase, and they just stared at me blankly. I guess that’s what I get for being the only wolf in my pack who went to college.

I’m giving it one star, because this shirt made me realize that po-mo is a bunch of malarkey reserved for only pretentious canis lupuseseses.”

“They SAY it’s three wolves, but how do we know it’s not the same wolf from three different angles? We cannot assume they’d be above airbrushing or the use of creative lighting just to save on wolves…”

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