Three Ways to Juggle Multiple Interviews

When it rains it pours, right?

Maybe you haven’t had an interview in a while and bam! All of the sudden two or more employers are knocking on your door. And if you’re currently employed this means you can only call out sick so many times.

Well, juggling a few interviews at once shouldn’t be deemed as a bad thing. Ever. You’re in demand and your interview skills are most likely on top of their game. And if they’re not, no worries there — the more you interview close together in time, the better. Just think of how honed and polished your skills will become! (Assuming they aren’t already on top of their A game. Love ya, mean it.)

1. Get organized! This means keeping track of what you wore to each interview, who you met with, things you discussed. In a way, juggling a few interviews simultaneously couldn’t be better for the job search. It forces you to really take stock of who’s who, the organization, your calendar and most importantly, yourself.

2. Evaluate yourself. Between your current job and the all-consuming job search, you may not have energy left at the end of the day. Now, sure we could create this bullet about self-care which is incredibly important like the power of eating healthy food and exercising, but we also need to take the holistic approach to job searching. This entails evaluating each interview without second-guessing yourself.

You’ll do it frequently so the key is to figure out lessons learned — what you could do differently next time. Maybe you answered that dreaded question, “What’s your biggest weakness?” Next time you can switch it up and select something else to say. The beauty of having multiple interviews is not dwelling on any one of them since hey, you’re in the mode and on fire! Ride the momentum.

3. Be present and patient. Some companies drag their feet with the process, others don’t. Recognize what’s out of your control and succomb to it but simultaneously be present in each interview, phone call and thank you note you’re immersed in. Sure, you may be heading into an interview and need to respond to a message on your mobile phone about a second interview with another company.

Don’t do it. Learn to shut things off and simply be focused on one thing and one thing only: Acing the interview you’re currently on.

Don’t dwell about the past nor look to the future. Simply be present. In a way, successfully handling multiple interviews is really a lesson to incorporate into other areas of our life, right? Enjoy shutting down everything else around you — all the noise, distractions, messages — to be present in the moment.