Three Ways to Express Gratitude on the Job

It’s that time of year again! As you aim for a light day at work with turkey on the mind, you probably have gratitude on the brain as well.

According to our friends at OfficeTeam, there are a few ways to give thanks on the job.

1. Simply thank people verbally. How fantastic do you feel when someone turns to you and says, “Thank you?” Like a million bucks, right? The beauty of it is it’s free and easy for you to do as well. If you’re at a staff meeting or company event, Robert Hosking, executive director at OfficeTeam, suggests tying the acknowledgment “back to specific actions so people know exactly what they did right.”

2. Send a note. With so much communication at work conducted electronically, mix things up with a handwritten thank you note. He tells us, “Handwriting a thank you note for a colleague could be a nice, unexpected gesture.”

3. Say it with food! Who doesn’t enjoy a little doughnut or bagel every now and then? Show your appreciation by bringing in treats that everyone can share.

And as you think about what you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving Day, focus on the positives on the job in order to overlook the not-so-great things about it. Then think about what you have in your power to change for the better.

He points out, “If work/life balance is a big priority for you, it could be worth finding out if flexible work arrangements are an option or if there are perks like on-site exercise facilities or dry cleaning services that you can take advantage of. Also, job satisfaction ultimately comes down to personal perspective.”

Reality is, there will likely be downsides to your job so you may need to take time to sort through pros and cons on the job and what’s most important to you. Hosking adds, “Having challenging assignments and a supportive boss may make up for the fact that you have a long commute, for instance. You could find that by focusing on the positive aspects of your job, you can more easily overlook the less favorable things and learn to be happier with what you do have.”